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Portrait Photography
Do you want a portrait session that shows who you really are? This is my challenge in photographing you; to work with you to show, not necessarily the best likeness of your physical appearance, but who you are, to photograph your identity.
We can work in a studio where lighting, location, lens settings are all under the control of the photographer. The result is a more formal, posed portrait.

Or we can work on location and choose a setting that means something to you. An activity can provide further distraction and more context. You will be more relaxed and less aware of the camera and this will lead to more spontaneity in the photography and a more candid feel. This is a more contemporary way of working and the results are less predictable but often more meaningful.

We can discuss which approach works best for you.

My approach is conservative, but this is flashed through with contemporary strands.

I have a flexible attitude to my work and I always aim to make a portrait session an enjoyable experience.
Costs are negotiable and will depend on location, number of subjects, time required and, of course, your budget.
tel 07951 900892
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